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"Fabulous sense of place and a clever, compelling story."

Woman Magazine


Marie Claire

"You won’t want this one to end." 

Liz Fenwick

"A beautifully evocative story of love, loss and forgiveness. You can taste, feel, see and hear Cornwall on every page as the characters pull you into their lives. Loved it."

Veronica Henry

"Exquisitely written . . . a truly pastoral novel - sharp, sometimes painful, but authentic with real emotional depth."

Claire Fuller

"A wonderful book about love and loss through the eyes of three generations of Cornish women. Lovable, flawed, and so very human, each character had me rooting for them right until the very end. But it was the setting on the north Cornwall coast that makes me love this book: the weather, the seasons, the landscape, the house are all written so vividly that I could step into that place and instantly know my way around."

Fleur Smithwick

"Sarah Vaughan not only writes beautifully but her stories and characters have a way of climbing into your heart and staying there long after you've turned the last page . . . Highly recommended!."

Katy Regan

"A gorgeously evocative love letter to Cornwall and an unputdownable story. I devoured it."

Emylia Hall, author of The Book of Summers

"A big-hearted story, and one that's full of love for the Cornish landscape. With the convincing detail about farming life, and intriguing past and present storyline, The Farm at the Edge of the World thoroughly transported me to the far western wilds, and made me very reluctant to leave again."

Sarah Jasmon, author of The Summer of Secrets

"The characters are engaging, the plot nuanced and satisfying. I was blown away, to be honest, finishing the book in one greedy gulp. Highly recommended."

Rebecca Mascull

"Sarah Vaughan's beautifully-written second novel establishes her as a compelling storyteller, weaving the two strands of Cornish farming past and present into an honest, visceral love story."

Katie Marsh

"An evocative and page-turning story of love and heartbreak, written in beautiful and poignant prose that captivated me from first word to final page ."

Anne Williams, book blogger

"There are times when you pick up a book and you just know - from the first few pages - that it's the book for you. From the first glimpse of the farm, seen through the changing seasons, I fell in love…The emotional intensity of this story is really exceptional - with characters so strongly and vividly drawn that they take over your life. And the plotting is simply superb as the author weaves together the strands of the story. Lies and secrets, belonging and not belonging, the pain of growing up, the pain of facing old age with issues unresolved, betrayal, guilt, regret - the threads twist and turn, handled deftly by a totally natural storyteller. The writing is exquisite: open this book at any page, and you'll find a turn of phrase that takes your breath away….It's just perfect."

Anne Cater, book blogger

"Sarah Vaughan is a very clever author. She's created a story based on love, guilt, regret and pain that is, at times quite heart breaking. She's captured the feelings and emotions of her characters, both as young people just starting out in the world, and also when they are in the last years of their lives.
Convincing, compelling, strong and charismatic characters, The Farm at the Edge of the World is absolutely captivating. I loved it."

Joanne Baird, Portobello book blog

"The Farm at the Edge of the World is a book which had me entranced and reading late into the night to find out what would happen to the characters. It is an exquisitely written story of love, betrayal, heartbreak but also of hope and forgiveness. I loved it from the evocative prologue right to the last pages."

Jaffareadstoo, book blog

"The Farm at the End of the World set the page alight for me from the very start of the novel with its prologue, which is, without doubt, one of the most visually expressive prologues I've read in a long time...The Farm at the Edge of the World is primarily a love story, not just between two people who really deserved to be happy, but …a love story to Cornwall, to its rolling seas, to its high and willful tides, to its glistening wheat fields and to its rugged landscape. 
And ultimately, it’s also a love story from an author to her readers. An author whose talent shines through with every word she so carefully places and who is able to conjure a world so alive with possibility that you smell the sea spray, hear the rustle of hay bales and watch, in fascination, as lazy dust motes swirl in the haze of a love so strong, it hurts."

Linda’s Book Bag blog

"What a glorious book. Sarah Vaughan has the ability to transport the reader to a different time and place with just a single word. There’s a beauty and an emotional truth to her prose that is enthralling…Deftly plotted, love, grief and betrayal are emotionally portrayed alongside a realism that means not everyone will get a happy ending. This is such compelling writing. Although I couldn’t draw myself away, neither did I want to read to end…I can’t recommend it highly enough."

The Art of Baking Blind