nina stibbe

Best-selling author of Love, Nina.

"Clever and compelling, I loved it."


"Delicious . . . friendship, rivalry and exposed secrets, gorgeously told."

Good Housekeeping


WI Magazine

"Vaughan's engaging writing is packed with brilliant baking tips not to mention delectable descriptions of the food the contestants create. Enjoy."

Fabulous Magazine



"A delicious read that fans of the Bake Off will love."


"Pick up this tale of five enthusiasts competing to be the new Mrs Eaden - a renowned baker (think an oh-so-glam '60s version of Mary Berry)."

Polly Williams

Best selling author of The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy

"Warm, wise and inspiring, an utterly delicious novel."


Author of the Desmond Elliot award-winning Our Endless Numbered Days

"An interesting cast of characters juggled with great skill. A lovely read that deserves to fly off the shelves."

french elle

"This novel, more subtle than one might imagine, pinpoints through an effective narrative, the diktats society imposes on women: motherhood sold as a panacea or the tyranny of slimness. Devour at once."

The Writes of Women blog

"Kathleen's heartbreaking story is so vivid, I had to check she wasn't a real person. It's a challenge to manage a story with five protagonists, particularly in a debut, but Sarah Vaughan manages it with aplomb. One to add to your holiday reading pile and indulge in."

We Love This Book blog

"Sarah Vaughan's debut novel is a delicious treat. . . There's plenty of baking and food talk for foodies but it's contained within a wonderful narrative.

Sarah has perfectly balanced the ingredients of this book. . . Where the baking lends a warm and pleasant tone, this is brilliantly offset by the darker side of the narratives. Each of the stories is compelling."

Random Redheaded Ramblings blog

"5 out of 5. An amazing read. It makes you crave cake and it makes you want to devour the words, enjoying every morsel till it reaches the . . . tear-jerking . . . end."


"The Art of Baking Blind is gorgeous. Not just to look at and touch, but Sarah's writing is beautiful. She pulls you in, she captivates you and you just don't want to leave. Her writing creates such warmth; it really hugs you tightly. She describes the cakes and bakes exquisitely . . . Mouth-watering."


"An extremely enjoyable book with strong characters and intriguing story lines. I loved every minute of it."


"Before I knew anything about the contents of this novel I had already fall in love . . . It begs to be oohed and ached over, not to mention to be stroked. A lot. And once I started reading, I discovered that the story within was equally beautiful and enthralling . . . A delicious read which I devoured like a freshly baked, homemade bread . . . The lush descriptions of the food made them so vivid that I could almost taste them on the tip of my tongue . . . [and] for all the sweetness of the sugary decadences . . . there is also plenty of drama and intrigue to balance it all out."

random things through my letterbox

"A character-led story that is wonderfully put together. An absolute pleasure to read. I loved every page."

jaffa reads too

"The story flows deliciously; it wraps around you and envelops you in a rosy haze of warmth and, as the pages fly by, and believe me they do fly, you find yourself imagining a culinary feast. 

"And yet beneath the bravado of baking, The Art of Baking Blind is really a story about people. It's about the minutiae of their lives, about their hopes and dreams and of all the reasons why life has sometimes been unkind to them. It's beautifully descriptive and confidently written and a real joy to read from beginning to end. I loved it and can't wait to see what this talented author comes up with next."

reflections of a reader

"There was a small worry at the back of my mind that this book would be too sugary for my tastes. That theory was dispelled as I turned the first page. Beautifully written, with a sublime array of characters...there is a wonderful gentleness to it that just drew me in and kept me submerged until I turned the last page. If you love quality fiction...then I fail to see how you can be disappointed."

reads & recipes

"The Art of Baking Blind is the perfect mix of delicious food and the emotional ties that we so often associate with the dishes we eat. The inevitable emotional moments are a perfect fit with Vaughan's prose. Although it would be tempting to paint this as a novel for bakers and bakers alone, the truth is that it isn't. There is a very human heart to this novel that speaks to each of us."

best chicklit com

"An absolute smasher of a debut and an author I shall be looking out of in the future."

off-the-shelf book reviews


"I loved The Art of Baking Blind from the prologue. Its gorgeous description of a gingerbread house tackled all my senses. I could not only picture [it] but feel it, smell it and taste it too. A deliciously sweet book to be savoured, enjoying each and every word."

reviewed the book

"A book to inspire me...The content is warm, believable and utterly delightful with every layer building up a story I didn't want to leave behind. A truly wonderful book to read and enjoy."

escapades of a bookworm

"This book is brilliant. A winner from the start."

The Romantic Times (US)

"Vaughan pens an ambitious story told from multiple points of view. In addition the story meanders nicely back and forth to the past and present...Vaughan has managed to create a distinctive voice and personality for each character, as well as a distinctive personal struggle....Engaging and the perfect fit for a book club."

Girl!Reporter blog by the Bookseller's Sarah Shaffi

"I was expecting The Art of Baking Blind to be a light, fluffy, sweet read, like a good Victoria sponge. I was completely surprised, however, to find that Vaughan has actually created something a lot deeper, and, at times, darker... Vaughan has created complex characters whose problems aren't two dimensional, and who surprised me throughout. Wrapped as it is in a cover full of pastel colours and swirly white writing, it would be easy to dismiss The Art of Baking Blind as a frivolous book, but props go to Vaughan for creating something that has a lot of depth, and that will have you feeling emotionally wrung out in places."
The Art of Baking Blind